Johann Friedrich Anthing

After his theological studies in Iena, Anthing travelled across Europe, going from one royal court to the next, as a silhouette artist. mehr

Rosa Maria Assing

"Rosa Maria Antonetta Paulina Assing" (née Varnhagen; 28 May 1783, Düsseldorf – 22 January 1840, Hamburg) was a German lyric poet, prose-writer, educator, translator and silhouette artist. mehr

Otto Böhler

"Otto Böhler" (1847–1913) was an Austrian silhouette artist who specialized in portraits of many great conductors, composers, and pianists of his time. mehr

Friedrich Lahrs

Lahrs was married to Maria Lahrs, a painter and silhouette artist, with whom he had three daughters. mehr

Emil Cedercreutz

"Emil Herman Robert Cedercreutz", born 16 May 1879, died 28 January 1949, was a Finnish Baron, sculptor and silhouette artist best known of his horse sculptures. mehr

Isabella Beetham

"Isabella Beetham" was an 18th-century British silhouette artist. She is considered one of the great 18th century silhouette artists, along with John Miers and Auguste Edouart. mehr
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