She has obviously lost an enormous quantity of blood, and though she receives blood transfusions from all of her three quondam lovers, and Van Helsing to boot, which quantity Morris notes "her body could not hold", she continues to waste away - appearing to lose blood every night. mehr

Zachris Topelius

Topelius became a student at the Imperial Alexander University of Finland in 1833, received his master's degree ("cand. philol.") in 1840, the Licentiate degree in history in 1844 and his PhD in 1847, having defended a dissertation titled "De modo matrimonia jungendi apud fennos quondam vigente" ("About the custom of marriage among the ancient Finns"). mehr

Babylonian law

On the other hand, on the great estates in Assyria and its subject provinces there were many serfs, mostly of subject race, settled captives, or quondam slaves; tied to the soil they cultivated and sold with the estate, yet capable of possessing land and property of their own. mehr

Regino of Prüm

The title of the work in Migne's edition is "Libellus DE ECCLESIASTICIS DISCIPLINIS ET RELIGIONE CHRISTIANA, COLLECTUS Ex jussu domini metropolitani Rathbodi Trevericae urbis episcopi, a Reginone quondam abbate Prumiensis monasterii, ex diversis sanctorum Patrum conciliis et decretis Romanorum pontificum". mehr


The loss of Tibullus's landed property is attested by himself (i. I, 19 seq.), "Felicis quondam, nunc pauperis agri" ("Fields of one once prosperous, now impoverished" ;cf. 41, 42). mehr


Because of this lack of identity contemporaries were unsure what to call the kingdom and so it became "regnum quondam Lotharii" or "Lotharii regnum" ("kingdom once Lothair's") and its inhabitants "Lotharii" (from "Lotharius"), "Lotharienses" (from "Lothariensis"), or "Lotharingi" (which gives the modern German "Lothringen", which is the name of the province). mehr

Victor Cavendish, 9th Duke of Devonshire

On 30 July 1892, Cavendish married Lady Evelyn FitzMaurice, the eldest daughter of the Marquess of Lansdowne, Viceroy of India and quondam Governor General of Canada. mehr

Richard de Bury

It is possible that the "Orationes" may represent a letter book of Richard de Bury's, entitled "Liber Epistolaris quondam dominiis cardi de Bury, Episcopi Dunelmensis", now in the possession of Lord Harlech. mehr

Iron Crown of Lombardy

However, a note from the Roman Ceremonial of 1159 provides that the Iron Crown is so called "quod laminam quondam habet in summitate", stating that the iron was once laid "over" the crown (probably as an arc, as in other crowns of the era), not into it. mehr


Steiner's fictional author, credited as "quondam curator of the Museum of the Darwin Institute of Hy-yi-yi, Mairuwili," provides a very detailed account of the order and individual species, written in a dry, scholarly tone. mehr

Baron Dudley

He became known as "Lord Quondam" ("Lord Has-been" or "Lord Formerly"). mehr

St Margaret's, Westminster

Other notable burials include those of John Sutton, 3rd Baron Dudley, "Lord Quondam", 18 September 1553; his wife Lady Cicely Grey, 28 April 1554; William Murray, 2nd Earl of Tullibardine, 30 July 1627; Edward Grimeston, 14 December 1640; and Wenceslas Hollar, died 25 March 1677. Also Bishop Nicholas Clagett. mehr

Edward Sutton, 4th Baron Dudley

Edward succeeded his father (known as the "Lord Quondam" that is 'Lord Formerly') as Baron Dudley in 1553. He was buried at St. Margaret's Church, Westminster. mehr

John Sutton, 3rd Baron Dudley

"John Sutton, 3rd Baron Dudley" (1494–1553), commonly known as "Lord Quondam", was the eldest son and heir of Sir Edward Sutton, 2nd Baron Dudley and his wife Lady Cicely (Willoughby) Sutton, a descendant of Edward III of England. mehr

John Sutton, 3rd Baron Dudley

He acquired the nickname "Lord Quondam" ("Lord Has-been" or "Lord Formerly") when he allowed his estate, including the castle of Dudley, to fall into the possession of his cousin, John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland. After Northumberland's execution, Dudley Castle was forfeited to the crown, and in 1555 was restored by Mary to Lord Quondam's eldest son, Edward Sutton, 4th Baron Dudley. mehr

John Sutton, 3rd Baron Dudley

Dudley's descent from Lord Quondam is compounded by reluctance during his lifetime to acknowledge any connection to that pauper and national laughing-stock. mehr

Roger Dudley

Ultimately, certainty on the point of Roger's parentage could be achieved by DNA analysis of the remains of his son, Thomas, Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, and his probable grandfather, John Sutton, 3rd Baron Dudley, "Lord Quondam", both of whose burial places are known. mehr

Margaret of Austria, Queen of Bohemia

After the annulment she was called "Romanorum quondam Regina" (Queen of the Romans); however, she maintained the title "ducissa Austrie et Stirie" (Duchess of Austria and Styria). In 1266 she changed her title to "quondam filia Livpoldi illustris ducis Austrie et Stirie et Romanorum Regina" as a reference to her father. mehr


Deep halls all represent the life of the quondam owner. mehr

Philipp Clüver

Clüver's first work, in 1611, concerning the lower reaches of the Rhine and its tribal inhabitants in Roman times ("Commentarius de tribus Rheni alveis, et ostiis; item. De Quinque populis quondam accolis; scilicet de Toxandris, Batavis, Caninefatibus, Frisiis, ac Marsacis") touched a source of national pride among the Seventeen Provinces, for the Dutch were enjoying a twelve years' truce in their Eighty Years' War of liberation. mehr

The Wife of Usher's Well

In autumn 2010, Quondam toured an Arts Council England supported "new play with songs" called "The Wife of Usher's Well" to 27 venues. mehr

Madonna Litta

In 1865 the Russian Tsar Alexander II acquired the panel from Count Antonio Litta, quondam minister to Saint Petersburg, for the Hermitage Museum, where it has been exhibited to this day. mehr

Ramón Cabrera y Griñó

He took offence when new men, not a few of them quondam regular officers, became the advisers and lieutenants of Don Carlos in the Third Carlist War which lasted more or less from 1870-1876. Indeed, his long residence in England, his marriage with Miss Richards, and his prolonged absence from Spain had much shaken his devotion to his old cause and belief in its success. mehr

Overton, Hampshire

Willms Savage quondam rector istius ecciesie’ - ie Here lies Dominus (Master) William Savage, formerly rector of this church. mehr

Christino Martos

Shortly afterwards Martos joined the dynastic Left organized by Marshal Serrano, General Lopez Dominguez, and Moret, Becerra, Balaguer, and other quondam, revolutionaries. mehr


We can wonder through the quiet fields and adjacent moor; the garden still yields its scanty stock of fruit and vegetables as of old; we may sit in the quondam drawing room, look into the once snug study, and even invade the sanctuary of the kitchen, memorable as the scene of Mrs Carlyle's culinary triumphs. mehr

Giorgio da Sebenico

On the relief by the north apse of Cathedral of St.James the artist signed in Latin: "hoc opus cuvarum fecit magister Georgius Mathaei Dalmaticus", and on a contract from 1441 he signed: "Georgius lapicida quondam Mathei de Jadra Civis Sibenicenis" ("trans." "Georgius sculptor son of Matheus from Zadar citizen of Šibenik"). mehr

Ednyfed Fychan

His tombstone, was reputed to lie near the altar of Llandrillo Church, now in a vertical position in one of the arches., but this is disputed as the name inscribed is an Ednyfed ap Bleddyn 'quondam vicarius' (sometime vicar) of the parish in the 16th century. mehr

Abdul Hafiz Mohamed Barakatullah

He became the Quondam Professor of Urdu at the Tokyo University Japan. mehr

Galactic Milieu Series

Marc, Paul's firstborn with his wife Teresa Kendall — a grandchild of Don's via Rogi's "quondam amoureuse", Elaine, is the most powerful human metapsychic known at that time, who also has a genius-level intellect. mehr

Chris Frith

"Christopher Donald Frith", FRS, FBA (born 16 March 1942, United Kingdom) is a psychologist and professor emeritus at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging at University College London, and Quondam Fellow of All Souls College. mehr

In paradisum

The special nature of this mode — with its lowered seventh degree, which makes it different from the modern major mode — is heard twice in this melody at cadences on the words "Chorus Angelorum" and "quondam paupere". mehr

Gabriel Gorodetsky

"Gabriel Gorodetsky" (born 13 May 1945) is a Quondam Fellow of All Souls College, Oxford, and the holder of the Rubin Chair for Russian Studies at Tel Aviv University. mehr

Lucius Verginius Rufus

Pliny the Younger, his neighbor and ward, has recorded the lines which Verginius had ordered to be engraved upon his tomb: "Hic situs est Rufus, pulso qui Vindice quondam Imperium asseruit non sibi sed patriae" ("Here lies Rufus, who after defeating Vindex, did not take power, but gave it to the fatherland"). mehr

Susanna Fontanarossa

A notarised document of sale in the Genoa state archive contains the Latinate text "«Sozana,(quondam) de Jacobi de Fontana Rubea, uxor Dominici de Columbo de Ianua ac Christophorus et Pelegrinus filii eorum»", which can be translated as "Susanna was (the daughter) of Giacomo from Fontanarossa of the Bisagno, wife of Domenico Columbus from Genoa, their sons are Cristoforo and Pellegrino." The Val Bisagno was a significant inland district in the ancient Republic of Genoa including the valley of the river Bisagno. mehr

Cencio I Frangipane

His parentage is cited first in 1066, when he appeared as "Cencio vir magnificus filio quondam Johannes de Imperator". mehr

William IV, Marquess of Montferrat

In an act dated 15 September 1096, "Uvilielmus marchio filius quondam Uvilielmi et Ota iugalis eius filia quondam Tebaldi et Uvilielmus filius presicti Uvilielmi et Ote, et Oto filius item Otonis, seu Petrus filius Roberti, atque coniunx eius Ermengarda filia predicti Tebaldi et Tezo filius iamdicti Petri et Ermengarde" conceded their rights over the church of Santo Stefano di Allein. mehr

William II, Marquess of Montferrat

The only mention of him is in a document for the foundation of an abbey "pro anime nostre et quondam Gulielmi qui fuit filius et filiaster atque germanus noster seu parentum nostrum mercede". mehr


Jerome wrote about it in his work "De viris illustribus": "Hieronymus patre Eusebio natus, oppido Stridonis, quod a Gothis eversum, Dalmatiae quondam Pannoniaeque confinium fuit...". mehr

Battle of Breadfield

The latter were commanded by Basarab cel Bătrân, quondam ruler of Wallachia and archrival to cel Tânăr. mehr

Jeppe High School for Girls

The Quondam Club was formed in 1907 by Jeppe Old Girls as a means to stay in contact. mehr

Jeppe High School for Girls

The Jeppe Old Girls' Association is known as the Quondam Club (Latin for 'formerly' or 'once upon a time') and was established in 1907. A large piece of land was bought in Bedfordview for the new clubhouse. mehr

Jeppe High School for Girls

By 1947, the Quondam had 6 hockey fields and began to construct a recreational swimming pool. mehr

Jeppe High School for Girls

Jeppe Quondam Club consisted of a Drama Society, Hockey, Tennis, and Swimming section including Waterpolo as well as a Cricket section started by the Old Girls. mehr

Gerald Sutton

Retired from the State Department in 1998, he lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he was a quondam precinct captain for Barack Obama in the 2008 Nevada Democratic primary. mehr

Mark Turin

Turin was elected to a Fellowship at Hughes Hall, Cambridge in March 2011 and made a Quondam Fellow in March 2014. mehr

Eugene Galanter

Galanter is Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Quondam Director of the Psychophysics Laboratory at Columbia University. mehr

Guy Lefèvre de la Boderie

Seven, Alexandrini, quondam patriarche, de Ritibus baptismi et sacre synaxis apud Syros Christianos receptis liber". mehr

All Saints Church, Loughton

The plain octagonal font probably dates from about 1700. On the chancel floor there is a half-length brass of a priest in mass vestments, with the inscription, 'Hic jacet Hugo Parke quondam istius ecclie Rector in artibus magister sacreque theologie bacularius.' Hugh Park died in 1514. On the north wall of the chancel are monuments with arms to Mary (Tresham) wife of John Crane of Loughton (d. 1624), and to Felice Moorton, wife first of William Mortoft of Itteringham, and secondly of John Crane of London (d. 1622). mehr

Alpine regiments of the Roman army

Cohorts whose name was changed are entered under their latest name (their old name is entered as a "quondam"). mehr
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