Andrew Goodman

"Andrew Goodman" (November 23, 1943 – June 21, 1964) was one of three American civil rights activists murdered near Philadelphia, Mississippi, during Freedom Summer in 1964 by members of the Ku Klux Klan. mehr

Andrew Goodman

In 1964, Goodman volunteered along with fellow activist Mickey Schwerner to work on the "Freedom Summer" project of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) to register blacks to vote in Mississippi. mehr

McComb, Mississippi

In 1964, civil rights activists began the Mississippi Project and what would be called Freedom Summer, returning to southwest Mississippi. mehr

Harry Belafonte

During the Mississippi Freedom Summer" of 1964 Belafonte bankrolled the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, flying to Mississippi that August with Sidney Poitier and $60,000 in cash and entertaining crowds in Greenwood. mehr

Southern United States

Most of the major events in the movement occurred in the South, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Mississippi Freedom Summer, the March on Selma, Alabama, and the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. mehr

Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee

SNCC played a major role in the sit-ins and freedom rides, a leading role in the 1963 March on Washington, Mississippi Freedom Summer, and the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party over the next few years. mehr

Michael Schwerner

In the summer of 1964 CORE intended to hold classes and drives to register African Americans to vote in the state, what they called "Freedom Summer". mehr

Michael Schwerner

In the meantime, the case of the missing civil-rights workers became a major national story, especially coming on top of other events during Freedom Summer. mehr

James Lawson (American activist)

Lawson's students played a leading role in the Open Theater Movement, the Freedom Rides, the 1963 March on Washington, Mississippi Freedom Summer, the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, the 1963 Birmingham Children's Crusade, the 1965 Selma Voting Rights Movement, the 1966 Chicago Open Housing Movement, and the Anti-Vietnam War Movement over the next few years. mehr

Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

Building the MFDP was a major thrust of the Freedom Summer project. After it proved to be impossible to register black voters against the opposition of state officials, Freedom Summer volunteers switched to building the MFDP using a simple, alternate process of signing up party supporters that did not require blacks to openly defy the power structure by trying to register at the courthouse or for blacks and poor whites to take a complex and unfair literacy test. mehr

Freedom Summer

"Freedom Summer" (also known as the "Mississippi Summer Project") was a campaign in the United States launched in June 1964 to attempt to register as many African-American voters as possible in Mississippi, which had historically excluded most blacks from voting. mehr

Freedom Summer

Building on the efforts of 1963 (including the Freedom Ballot and registration efforts in Greenwood), Moses prevailed over doubts among SNCC and COFO workers, and planning for Freedom Summer began in February 1964. Speakers recruited on college campuses across the country, drawing standing ovations for their dedication in braving the routine violence perpetrated by police, sheriffs, and others in Mississippi. mehr

Freedom Summer

During the ten weeks of Freedom Summer, a number of other organizations provided support for the COFO Summer Project. mehr

Freedom Summer

Among many notable veterans of Freedom Summer were Heather Booth, Marshall Ganz, and Mario Savio. mehr

Freedom Summer

The seeds planted during Freedom Summer bore fruit in the 1980s and 1990s, when Mississippi elected more black officials than any other state. mehr

John Lewis (politician)

During his tenure, SNCC opened Freedom Schools, launched the Mississippi Freedom Summer, and organized the voter registration efforts that led to the pivotal Selma to Montgomery marches. mehr

John Lewis (politician)

In 1964, Lewis coordinated SNCC's efforts for "Mississippi Freedom Summer," a campaign to register black voters across the South. The Freedom Summer was an attempt to expose college students from around the country to the perils of African-American life in the South. mehr

Voting rights in the United States

The American Civil Rights Movement, through such events as the Selma to Montgomery marches and Freedom Summer in Mississippi, gained passage by the United States Congress of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which authorized federal oversight of voter registration and election practices and other enforcement of voting rights. mehr

Civil Rights Act of 1957

During Freedom Summer in 1964, hundreds of students from the North went there to participate in voter drives and community organizing. mehr

Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission

The Sov-Com was also involved in the arrests and murders of James Chaney, Michael Schwerner, and Andrew Goodman, three volunteers for the Freedom Summer project of 1964. mehr

James Chaney

"James Earl "J.E." Chaney" (May 30, 1943 – June 21, 1964), from Meridian, Mississippi, was one of three American civil rights workers who were murdered during Freedom Summer by members of the Ku Klux Klan near Philadelphia, Mississippi. mehr

James Chaney

The FBI was brought into the case by John Doar, the Department of Justice representative in Mississippi monitoring the situation during Freedom Summer. mehr

Marian Wright Edelman

She began practicing law with the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc.'s Mississippi office, working on racial justice issues connected with the civil rights movement and representing activists during the Mississippi Freedom Summer of 1964. She also helped establish a Head Start program . mehr

Fannie Lou Hamer

She was instrumental in organizing Mississippi's Freedom Summer for the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and later became the vice-chair of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party, which she represented at the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. mehr

Harold M. Ickes

Ickes was a student civil rights activist in the 1960s and took part in Freedom Summer. mehr

Wednesdays in Mississippi

There all day on Wednesday, the program was known as "Wednesdays in Mississippi." Competent, well connected, and educated, these women worked with Freedom Summer and the Freedom Schools. mehr

History of the Southern United States

Most of the major events in the movement occurred in the South, including the Montgomery Bus Boycott, the Mississippi Freedom Summer, the March on Selma, Alabama, and the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. mehr

Susan Brownmiller

Brownmiller also participated in civil rights activism, joining CORE and SNCC during the sit-in movement and volunteering for Freedom Summer in 1964, wherein she worked on voter registration in Meridian, Mississippi. mehr

Western College Program

In the mid-1960s, when it was the Western College for Women, the campus served as the staging ground for Freedom Summer, a voter registration drive in Mississippi. mehr

African-American history

The "Mississippi Freedom Summer" of 1964 brought thousands of idealistic youth, black and white, to the state to run "freedom schools", to teach basic literacy, history and civics. mehr

Jim Hood

In 2005, Hood prosecuted former Klansman Edgar Ray Killen for orchestrating the 1964 murders of Andrew Goodman, Michael Schwerner, and James Chaney in Philadelphia, Mississippi during Freedom Summer. mehr

Edgar Ray Killen

During the "Freedom Summer" of 1964, James Chaney, 21, a young black man from Meridian, Mississippi and Andrew Goodman, 20, and Michael Schwerner, 24, two Jewish men from New York, were murdered in Philadelphia, Mississippi. mehr

Mississippi civil rights workers' murders

The three young men had been working on the "Freedom Summer" campaign, attempting to prepare and register African Americans to vote after they had been disenfranchised since 1890. mehr

Opposition to United States involvement in the Vietnam War

Doug McAdam explains the success of the mass mobilization of volunteers for Freedom Summer in terms of "Biographical Availability", where individuals must have a certain degree of social, economic, and psychological freedom to be able to participate in large scale social movements. mehr

William Bradford Huie

Huie also reported on various Ku Klux Klan activities, including the killing of "Freedom Summer" workers James Chaney, Andrew Goodman, and Michael Schwerner in articles, stories, and books such as "The Klansman" (1965) and "Three Lives for Mississippi" (1965). mehr

Western College for Women

In June 1964 a civil rights demonstration orientation program for Freedom Summer was held at Western College. mehr

Robert Parris Moses

A major leader with SNCC, he was the main organizer of COFO's Freedom Summer project, which was intended to achieve widespread voter registration of blacks in Mississippi, and ultimately, end racial disfranchisement. mehr

Thomas R. Donahue

Horowitz spent three months in Jackson, Mississippi, planning for the formation of the Mississippi Freedom Democrats and Freedom Summer in 1964 and was arrested in labor and civil rights protests. mehr

Ted Gold

Patterned after the Freedom Summer campaign of 1964, "Vietnam Summer" was a nationwide student anti-war campaign to raise off-campus consciousness about current events in Vietnam. mehr

Samuel Bowers

In 1964, community activists from CORE and SDS, primarily from Northern states, launched Freedom Summer. mehr

Herbert Randall

Leigh, the Director of Mississippi Freedom Summer's Hattiesburg project, persuaded Randall to photograph the effects of the Civil Rights Movement in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. mehr

Herbert Randall

Randall returned to New York after Freedom Summer, to continue his career in photography. mehr

J. Quinn Brisben

Extremely active in the civil rights movement in the 1960s, Brisben took part in the Mississippi Freedom Summer of 1964—where he was briefly jailed—and in several Southern Christian Leadership Conference-sponsored activities in Alabama from 1965 to 1967. He was active in the anti-Vietnam War movement, served as a boycott captain for the United Farm Workers, and was part of significant progressive movements of all kinds since the 1950s. mehr

Winson Hudson

In 1964, Winson and other activist had students from Freedom Summer come to Harmony. White community members expressed animosity towards the Freedom Summer students and those people trying to help them. mehr

Amzie Moore

Moore conceived of the voter registration campaign that was later the centerpiece of Freedom Summer in 1964. The local leader welcomed outside help including SNCC organizer Robert Parris Moses, coming into the Delta from New York City to build the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee or SNCC. mehr

Aaron Henry

Within a week of the freedom election, college volunteers by Lowenstein's efforts made plans for a massive influx for Freedom Summer in 1964. The campaign also encouraged Paul Johnson to hint at a change in Mississippi's official line on race. mehr

George W. Crockett, Jr.

He founded the National Lawyers Guild’s office in Jackson, Mississippi, and managed the Mississippi Project (a coalition of the NLG and other leading civil rights legal organizations) during the 1964 Freedom Summer. mehr

Victoria Gray Adams

The time had come, she said, to pay attention “to the Negro in Mississippi, who had not even had the leavings from the American political table.” During the Freedom Summer of 1964, Adams helped open the Freedom Schools that pushed for civil rights in Mississippi. mehr

Council of Federated Organizations

“ ‘I Want to Become a Part of History’ : Freedom Summer, Freedom Schools, and the Freedom News.” Journal of African American History (2010): 348- 368. mehr

Council of Federated Organizations

“'The Long, Hot Summer': The Mississippi Response to Freedom Summer, 1964.” The Journal of Negro History 84 (Autumn, 1999): 315- 339. mehr
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